About the web

Welcome to rainbowmountainperu.org, the most authorized and specialized information web about trips and hikes to the rainbow mountain Perú. In recent years, the number of visitors to the rainbow mountain in Cusco – Perú has increased considerably. Reaching 1000 visitors per day.

Our goal as a blog is:

  • Provide updated and complete information about the trip to rainbow mountain, so that your experience is as satisfying as possible.
  • Promote responsible tourism in the rainbow mountain (Vinicunca), so that the natural heritage on which local communities depend is positively affected by your visit.
  • Promote safe and responsible travel experiences for visitors to the mountain.
  • We are not owned by any travel company, which allows us to provide independent and impartial information. However, we have strong opinions about who we believe are the good travel operators, and we actively promote these companies through our exclusive recommended agency service. Contact us for more information.

Our team

Our website is constantly updated by a network of expert collaborators, many of whom are guides and live in Cusco. The web contributors are volunteers, and they are not paid.

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