Best time to visit rainbow mountain in Peru.

If you are ready to start planning your next adventure to the rainbow mountain in Perú, now we will share you about the best time to visit it.

Before choosing a date for your trip, you have to know that in Cusco (where the rainbow mountain is located) there are 2 seasons: the rainy season and the dry season (No rain).

The rainy season includes from April, May to October and November, this season is the best time to visit the rainbow mountain.

So, the best answer to the question to When is the best time to visit the rainbow mountain in Perú is: NO RAINY SEASON (April to November).

Because we have some important aspects in this regard that we describe below.

During the dry season you will see the rainbow mountain as in the photos and social media:

Best time to visit rainbow mountain in Peru
The rainbow mountain Perú.

But if you visit the rainbow mountain in the rainy season, which it is from November to March, you have a high probability of not visiting or seeing it something like this:

The Rainbow mountain Perú in rainy season.

Please don’t just consider going to the rainbow mountain in Cusco, Cusco has many tourist attractions to visit, it also has adventure activities like Sky Biking, Zip Line, ATVs, etc.

Consider doing the rainbow mountain tour in Peru as the last activity to do so, as it requires a lot of physical effort and must be acclimatized.

The best month to go to rainbow mountain of 7 colors for us

We consider that the best month to visit the rainbow mountain is the month of June.


Because it is the month where the city of Cusco is in its day, in celebrations and many activities to see and do, such as: The Inti Raymi, Dances (universities, institutions, municipalities, etc.), folkloric parades, presentation of allegories (such as the university of fine arts) and many more. Which will show you the living culture of the legacy of the Incas.

Take a look an amazing video of visiting Rainbow Mountain in Cusco, this video is by Layne Fable, a travel youtuber.

The seasons in Rainbow Mountain Peru

The weather in Rainbow Mountain in Peru has largely 2 seasons, the first is the dry (no rain) and the wet or rainy.

Read more about the Weather in Rainbow Mountain Peru.
The first season is the dry, is from May to November although in other years it may be from May to October, this season has as characteristics.

  • The days are mostly sunny.
  • Minimum percentage of rain or bad days.

The second is rainy or wet season runs from December to April, and its main characteristics are:

  • With hailstorms.
  • Snowy and cloudy days.
  • Poor visibility in the mountains.

The third season that we can consider is the winter season that this within the dry season, in this season the characteristics of the climate are:

  • Warm days and very cold nights.
  • Very sunny days and in the mornings there is frost.

The fourth season is summer, this season is not much noticeable in Cusco and the mountain of 7 colors, is within the rainy season, so among its characteristics we have:

  • Rapid change of temperatures and climates.
  • Warmer days but with a high probability of change.
  • Unstable weather (rapid changes from rainy to sunny hours).

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