Rainbow mountain Peru Location and Map

The rainbow mountain in Peru or montaña de 7 colores is located in the region of Cusco. It is part of the Andes, district of Pitumarca, province of Canchis. It is a few hours in Car from Cusco.

From Lima to Cusco is 1 hour flying. In car is almost 24 hours.

Rainbow Mountain Peru Location
Location in Map – Peru

From Cusco to Rainbow Mountain is 3 hours in Car.

Location in Map – Cusco

Rainbow Mountain Peru Map

Map route from Pitumarca – First Route

Here a satellite map of Rainbow Mountain Peru, we capture in 3D Map. From Trail Parking to Rainbow Mountain is like 2 hours and 30 minutes of hike.

Rainbow Mountain Peru Map - Main Points

Map route from Cusipata – Second Route

From Trail parking to Rainbow Mountain is like 1 and 30 minutes of hiking.

Rainbow Mountain Peru Map - Route

This are the main routes and their maps of the rainbow mountain in Peru. You have to decide which route you want to take, both area amazing.

If you want to know the altitude of this main points check to our Elevation and altitude information.

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