Rainbow Mountain Peru Weather Along the Year – 2020 Updated

The Rainbow Mountain Perú weather depends a lot of times in what month you want to visit.

Read more about The best time to visit Rainbow Mountain in Peru.

If you do the tour (hike) from May to November, the weather at nights will be freezing, below 0 degrees celsius. (32 º F)

And from December to April it will be colder and it will feel like – 5 or -10 degrees Celsius (41 ºF – 50 ºF), in these months the weather changes a lot, sometimes snow and some days it rains with thunder and lightning.

It is a problem the weather in rainbow mountain – Vinicunca?

It depends a lot if you want to go alone or with a travel agency, it is advisable to go with a travel agency, as they will inform you if the day you want to go there are problems with the weather or not.

Keep in mind that in Rainbow Mountain the weather change a lot, more than in Cusco does, and sometimes rain comes with snow and thunders.

How is the weather in the Andes Mountains in Cusco?

We don’t have enough data for Averages Weather of Rainbow Mountain in Peru, but here you can see Cusco’s weather and then you can imagine how the weather will be in Rainbow Mountain.

For example: if in Cusco the temperature is 50 degrees °F, in Rainbow Mountain it will be 40 degrees °F.

Cusco Weather Average and Rainbow Mountain Peru Weather
Cusco average temperature.
Cusco Weather Average - RainFall
Rainfall and Daylight in Cusco and Rainbow Mountain.

Recommendations for hike Rainbow Mountain

Before Rainbow Mountain Tours there was a trek called Ausangate Trek, witch is near to this new attraction , so sometimes a some people want to hike Ausangate, but this take 2 days or more.

Here we have some tips for hiking Rainbow Mountain.


This walk BEGINS above 4,000 (13,123 ft) meters and has a height of 5,200 meters (17,385 ft) at its highest point. I recommend giving several days in Cusco to acclimatize before leaving.

What to bring

Due to the high altitude, the beak is very cold and can be very windy. As with many walks, the layers are the best. It actually snowed while we were hiking (Our guide said this is rare), but nevertheless, it is good to be prepared. Waterproof jacket, hat, gloves and thermal layers, mountain boots. But also hat and sunscreen for sunny patches and when you’re lower and it’s warmer!


Bring plenty of water and snacks. Depending on your group trip you may or may not have a long wait between breakfast and lunch. Sometimes group at the beginning for a light breakfast of bread with butter and jam and then the complete walk back and forth (about 6-7 hours) before lunch at the beginning. So pack sandwiches for the road!


There are a couple of squatting baths along the way (there aren’t many, so go when you can), a couple pays 1 or 2 soles to get in, so have some change and bring toilet paper.


There may be the option of taking the walk on horseback, the cost is around 70 Soles (21 USD round trip).


Price are around 30 USD in group service, you can contact us if you want to book in advance or want to ask something.

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